2-Way 7" Monitor

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Product SC207
Description 2-way System
Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 215 x 330 x 280
Dimensions (WxHxD) ["] 8.46 x 12.99 x 11.02
Free-field frequency range (-3dB) 44Hz - 21kHz
Tweeter AMT RS2
Mid-Woofer 165mm/6.5"
Cross-over frequency 2800Hz
Maximum SPL @ 1m 106dB
Number of amplifiers 2
Output power (woofer) 100W
Output power (tweeter) 50W
Protection limiter
Volume -inf. - +6dB
High-shelf filter (-5dB - +3dB) > 3kHz
Desk filter boost (0dB - +3dB) 80Hz
Desk filter cut (-5dB - 0dB) 170Hz
Low-shelf filter (-5dB - +3dB) < 300Hz
LED brightness setting
Level-lock dip switch
Filter-lock dip switch
XLR in (impedance)  (10k)
RCA in (impedance)  (10k)
Power consumption
Standby < 1W
Full output 120VA
Weight kg/lb. 8 / 17.6
Reviews (3)
Customer // Thomann Music

I used these monitors for mixing and producing daily for one month now and I have to say that they are amazing. The level of detail, depth of field, and stereo image are truly impressive, and so it is the overall tonal balance. Bass response is also incredibly precise for monitors of this size.

An interesting feature is that an internal DSP is present to adjust the sound to any specific room. This obviously doesn't replace proper sound treatment but it can definitely help. Only drawback to this product.

The SC207 are very well built, they look and feel solid and I find the overall look of them very appealing.

What make these monitor stand out from any other monitor in their price range though is their sound. I have tried other famous brands around that price tag and I have decided for the EVEs because I had the impression I could mix right away with them. Good mixes sound good and mistakes in bad mixes are ruthlessly exposed. I get a great tonal balance no matter the volume (they can get pretty loud too) and from top to bottom the level of detail is amazing, taking into account that these are 2-way speakers. I did an A/B test with the 8-inch SC208 and I have to say that I prefer the SC207 because of their tonal balance and detail.

I highly recommend these monitors, for their price they are in my opinion the best you can get.

Customer // Thomann Music

For 2 years I google and talk to people and all sorts of advice was handed to me and eventualy unabled me to buy any speakers at all. I decided to blindly buy SC207 just because it is "something different" as in not adam dynaudio or focal. AX7, Alpha 65 and SC207 are to me similar sounding speakers, but eventualy find their differences in Genres. In my opinion, SC207 are more versatile since it can reach low Hz in low volumes which enables me to work for long time. I can hear everything very clearly and are very loud if you want them to be.

My take - dont worry too much, just buy a set of speakers that will get you working, each monitor takes getting used to and working on them makes you adapt better to them and your room. Just start working and leave this techincal thing aside, choose 1 you cant go wrong! especialy with thomann and their return policys with excelent customer feedback! Huge respect for the boys in Berlin with their SC 207.

M808 // Thomann Music

I ordered a set of the sc207s and the ts107 from Germany over seas to the US. Totally worth the wait and money. I'm also running these through a Apollo Twin Solo with Canare Cables. Sound quality is just beyond amazing and clear.

The SC207 is our mid-range two-way monitor speaker. The SC207 will be attractive to a large range of listeners, as its size and form factor make them appropriate for a lot of different rooms.

Are you a home recording musician or producer? Not a problem. The SC207 has great power efficiency that will let you clearly examine what's happening in your music. Are you a post production professional working in a tight or smaller room? Not a problem. The modest and elegant size of the SC207, along with its quality precision, will make it great in your setup without overwhelming your working area.

Whatever you're doing, the SC207 will be there for you.

Tech Talk

With the SC207, you will get an extended bass frequency response (down to 44 Hz), courtesy of our 6.5" SilverCone honeycomb structured woofer and driven by a sophisticated low distortion copper cap magnet system with our 1.5" voice coil. The result is a very tight and dynamic bass, along with the usual greater linear excursion.

A PWM amplifier, with protection-limiting and capable of delivering a short-term output power of 100W, guarantees that the SC207 will never run out of juice. And with a maximum output level of 106 dB (SPL @ 1m), you can be sure that there is plenty of power to make critical and precise judgements over your mixes.

The SC207 is also the first EVE model monitor that uses our proprietary AMT (Air Motion Transformer) RS2. That means it can deliver a higher output level that is due to a bigger magnet system inside.

As with every other EVE Audio speaker, you get both balanced XLR inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs for greater convenience.


With every EVE Audio speaker, you also get high resolution DSP electronics. One push knob operation and you will have access to accurate volume control and several different filter settings that will help you tailor your monitors to the way you work.

And if you always avoid digital processing, we've got you covered. The DSP engine is supported with a high quality A/D converter (24bit/192kHz) from Burr-Brown, which delivers a pristine signal to the DSP section. And since the PWM amplifiers are directly connected to the DSP, no additional conversion is necessary. Please visit our DSP page to learn more about our DSP philosophy.

Bass Port Design

It's all in the geometry. One of the downside effects of port compression is bass distortion. As you turn up the volume, the efficiency of the port reduces and distortion will increase.

We opted for a large rear rectangular port with no hard edges for our bass port designs. That's one of the reasons EVE monitors have a high efficiency on the lower frequencies.

The results?  High sound pressures with tight and punchy bass frequencies that don't cause port distortion.  Crank up the volume, and EVE will deliver a round bass. And with no holes to look at every time you glance at your speakers.

Frequency Response
Frequency Response
Polar Pattern
Polar Pattern